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Rochester, NY 14618 US

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Webster Office

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Chiropractic Care

If you have been suffering from pain, don't wait another second to begin your road to recovery. Chiropractic treatments may offer a new sense of balance and wellness that one has never before experienced. We look forward to tailoring your care with our expertise.

Contact one of our offices today to answer any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Chiropractic Techniques:

Cervical Traction                                                                         Lumbar Flexion Distraction

Manipulation(Diversified Adjusting Technique)        Pelvic Blocking-Sacro-Occipital Technique

Soft tissue/Myofascial Therapies                                      Spinal Decompression

Webster Technique                                                                    Spinning Babies

Active Release Technique(ART)                                         Graston Technique

Conditions we treat:

Achilles Tendinitis                                      Ankle Sprains

Arthritis                                                            Auto Accidents

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                        Disc Conditions

Fibromyalgia                                                  Frozen Shoulder

Headaches                                                      Herniated Disc

 Hip Conditions                                            Jaw/TMD Dysfunctions

Lower Back Pain                                         Mid-back Pain

Numbness/tingling/weakness           Neck pain

Osteoarthritis-Knee/Hip                       Pinched Nerve

 Plantar Fasciitis                                          Pregnancy related conditions

Shoulder Conditions                                 Sprained Joints

Tendonitis/Tendinosis                              Tennis Elbow