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Dynamic Functional Fitness at GRC

"Good health starts with a good foundation" 

Carol Bucci is our Certified Personal Trainer.   

Carol has a gift for evaluating patients' imbalances and designing successful training programs for them. Both young and old,she has been training individuals and groups for more than 12 years. Bucci's evaluation will determine specific weaknesses, tight muscles, and faulty movement patterns that may be causing your problem. She will design a program for you to follow at home, or at a fitness facility. She can also provide individual or group personal training. Her energy and motivational levels are off the charts! We recommend that all of our patients be evaluated by Carol once recovered from an injury, or before starting an exercise program. She will design a program for you to do at home or at a fitness facility where you belong. You will be given pictures and descriptions of the exercises that she will cover with you.

This 84-year-old patient is proudly showing her improvements in posture and balance after training two times per week for 8 months. She had undergone knee replacement surgery just before her training with Carol began.

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Carol Bucci is nationally certified through ACSM, AFFA and the YMCA. She also has Kickboxing Certifications through AFAA, YMCA and Turbokick.

Hours: Mon-Fri    8:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m.

Carol Bucci:                             
(585) 721-1056