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Chiropractic Treatment Of Lower Back Pain


With all of the heatlhcare choices available to you and your family, Chiropractic has been proven to be one of the most affordable and affective treatment options.
     Web MD reported on a study of research data published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, 2004, over a 4 year period taken from nearly two million patients – 700,000 patients were on a healthcare plan that included chiropractic care compared to ONE MILLION patients on a health care plan that did NOT include chiropractic care.

After following 1.7 million patients for 4 years here are the results:

-Chiropractic cut the cost of treating back pain by 28% compared to those who did not have chiropractic care.

-Back surgeries were reduced by 32% - that is 1 in every 3 people – one third less surgeries which reduced hospitalization by 41%.

-This study reported a 95% satisfaction rate with chiropractic care!


The Manga Report (1993) represents the largest existing analysis of scientific literature on low-back pain to date.It has drawn national attention for its support of chiropractic treatment of low-back pain. This unbiased independent study commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Health shows that chiropractic treatment is cost-effective, safe, has a high rate of patient satisfaction, and is more effective than medical treatment for low-back pain.The Manga Report also recommends that the management of low-back pain be moved from Medical Doctors to Doctors of Chiropractic and that hospital privileges be extended to D.C.s. A sumarization of the findings of The Manga Report thanks to our friend Dr. Larry Smith, can be found here.