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Ankle Sprains

Chiropractic treatment for ankle sprains.

Yes we treat ankle sprains at Greater Rochester Chiropractic! We do not just treat back problems. Too often athletes and weekend warriors are told to go home and just use rest, ice and advil. We can get you back in the game much faster than that. 

Sports chiropractic is now an integral part of the profession since the establishment of the ACA Sports Council, a training course for chiropractors interested in treating sports injuries.

Ankle sprain is a fairly common injury. A softball slide, landing on somone's foot in a basketball game, standing unexpectedly on the edge of the pavement or uneven ground, etc. may cause injuries to the ankle. Note the swelling, and the bruising from torn tissues. It could be from a fracture within the ankle, but more likely it is due to stretched or torn ligaments.

Treatment of a sprained ankle will include careful chiropractic management of any subluxation of the talus bone in the ankle mortise joint. Other joints in the foot, leg and even pelvis too, of course. During such a sudden sprain, a chain events often shakes up the whole spine. Thereafter ankle exercises are vital to prevent reoccurence. Sprained_ankle_treatment.jpg

What occurs in a sprained ankle?
• First and foremost the talus bone, which connects the foot to the lower leg, subluxates. This is the cause of the incredibly sharp, stabbing pain.
• Secondly, the ankle ligaments are frequently sprained, and may very occasionally, completely rupture. Fortunately this is very exceptional. This sprain is the most likely cause of the bruising frequently associated with a sprained ankle.
• Thirdly, the muscles or a tendon may be strained.
• Fourthly, a fracture may occur, usually the lateral malleolus or the head of the fifth metatarsal (called a Jones fracture). The ligaments and tendons are so strong that the bone fractures before the ligament or tendon ruptures. This is called an avulsion fracture.

Chiropractic help for ankle sprain

An x-ray is important if there is any suggestion of possible fracture.

1. To facilitate normal quick healing, the first treatment is to adjust the subluxated talus bone. This is not usually particularly painful, and can be done with a standard chiropractic technique. Restoring the normal biomechanics enhances the normal healing time.
2. If there is fracture, usually of the large bony bump on the side of the ankle (called the lateral malleolus) or a bone on the very side of the foot (head of the fifth metatarsal), then casting of the ankle by an orthopaedist is recommended.
3. Sprain and strain of ligaments and tendons is done using the standard RICE ankle sprain treatment method: Rest, Ice, Compression bandage, Elevate.

Usually more than one tissue is injured and unfortunately the treatment of one (eg. a fracture) may contra-indicate the treatment of another (eg. ice on the sprain, or adjusting the talus). Fracture will always take precedence. The talus can be adjusted once the fracture has healed.

Ankle sprain treatment should ALWAYS include rehabilitation. Ankle exercises, stretches and ankle muscle strengthening MUST be a part of your rehab. Otherwise another sprain is just around the corner!