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Numbness Tingling And Or Weakness

When patients have numbness, tingling and/or weakness in their upper or lower extremities, they often think that the cause is in their arms or legs. More often, the cause in in their spine.  

At GRC, will we conduct a thorough history and examination to rule out non-musculoskeletal causes such as diabetes, MS, etc. If we feel you need further diagnostic testing, we will recommend those tests before finalizing a diagnosis or treatment plan.

These symptoms more commonly have a cause in the spine.The cause may be a disc herniation, disc degeneration, vertebral fixation or soft tissue tightness that puts enough pressure on the nerves going to your affected area.  

To understand the complexity of the nervous system and the connection between your spine and extremities, click here to view the 3D Spine Simulator.

Once the cause is determined, we will recommend an treatment plan to resolve your condition. Please remember that nerves heal much slower than muscles, ligaments and tendons. Be patient with your body as well as the chiropractic care you are receiving.