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Sprained Joints

Joints can become sprained due to athletic injuries, accidents or excessive use. At GRC we treat joint sprains very effectively. Most patients confuse sprains and strains.  A sprain involves a damaged ligament in and around a joint. A strain involves injury to a muscle only and is also called a pulled muscle. Most sprained joints will also involve some degree of muscle strain but strained muscles will not involve sprained ligaments.

Sprained joints are treated similarly regardless of what joint is sprained. Ankle sprains are more common in basketball and knee sprains are more common in football. You do not have to be an athlete to sprain a joint. Just stepping off a curb or stair can cause someone to "roll" their ankle and cause a sprain.

In addition to RICE (Rest, ice, compression and elevation), the chiropractors at GRC will evaluate and treat the joint and surrounding structures with manipulation, ART, Graston and other physiotherapies to get you functioning as quickly as possible.

Too often an athlete is told to RICE the area. This wastes valuable treatment and healing time.  With the proper chiropractic treatment and rehab instructions, we can shorten your healing time as well as help prevent future problems.