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How Our Practice Works

How Our Practice Works 
1. Chiropractic is different from medicine. – Chiropractic care treats the cause of your condition. Not just your symptoms. Since medicine treats with chemicals, it cannot correct the cause of a physical condition.
2. Your nervous system controls everything.– Every cell in your body is controlled by the nervous system.
3. Well-being is normal. – Pain is not normal. Pain is an indicator of a deeper problem. It is the last thing to come and the first to leave. When your pain first leaves, the underlying cause is left behind.
4. Stress can overload your nervous system. – The three types of stress are physical, chemical and emotional.
5. Stress can produce vertebral subluxation(fixation). – The three types of stress can cause the muscles to get tight and the joints to lock up(fixation).
6. A thorough examination will be conducted. – This exam is determined to find the cause of your condition. We will not only examine you physically but also inquire about your job duties, lifestyle habits and stress levels. 
7. We will explain what we find and design a personalized treatment plan. – Everyone’s condition and lifestyle is unique and must be treated uniquely.
8. A series  of adjustments may be needed. – Adjustments are chiropractic treatments designed to remove subluxations(fixation). 
9. Adjustments do not treat only your symptoms. – Adjustments remove the cause of your condition. Uncorrected, the cause of your condition will remain even though your symptoms are gone.
10. Healing is a process and all processes take time. – Although your symptoms may have appeared suddenly, the underlying cause has been there for a long time. The exception is if you suffered a traumatic onset. Both of these scenarios take time to correct.

11. Consistent visits create momentum for healing. – Similar to an exercise program, you must stay on schedule with your recommended treatment schedule. Treatments build on each other to get the desired results in the shortest amount of time.
12. YOU control the speed of your recovery.– You will regain function the quickest if you follow recommendations, modify your bad habits, and stick to your recommended treatment schedule.
13. There are three ways you can benefit from chiropractic care.
A) Relief:  2 – 4 weeks – patients are treated 2 to 3 times per week during relief care. Our first goal is to alleviate your symptoms. If you discontinue after your symptoms are gone, you will not have corrected the cause and your condition.
B) Stabilization:4 – 8 weeks – patients are treated 1-2 times per week.  Periodic re-evaluations will be conducted to determine when the cause of your condition is under control.
C) Maintain: Evidence-based studies show that patients who maintain their spinal health have a significantly better chance of avoiding future problems. Patients are adjusted every 4 to 8 weeks.
14. How long you decide to benefit from our Chiropractic Care is always up to you.– It is our job to educate you on the care options but your responsibility to decide on how long you want to benefit from our care.
15. When you’ve had enough, tell us so we can properly process your records. – Although evidence-based studies prove the effectiveness of maintenance care, there are some patients who decide not to continue. Should you decide to discontinue care, we want to make certain you feel comfortable returning to our office when your symptoms return.