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An injury to a muscle-tendon component is called a muscle strain, muscle trauma and/or pulled muscle. When some level of injury is seen in the muscle-tendon intersection, the muscle fibers, the tendon or the bony insertion point, a muscle strain is present. An evaluation of the clinical findings serves as a basis for classification of muscle strain into mild, moderate or severe. Oftentimes, a muscle strain is a result of the involved muscle being subjected to too much stretching. Very often, a muscle strain is referred to as a muscle pull.

The following symptoms are characteristic of a muscle strain: stiffness, localized pain, a bruised feeling. Typically, a muscle strain has a knot component generally known as a trigger point. Bearing down on the trigger point in a strained muscle may cause referred pain to another area.

Lastly, a muscle that contracts involuntarily as a result of painful nerve stimulation is called a muscle spasm.

A chiropractor will undertake a comprehensive history and examination, and neurological and orthopaedic tests to identify the cause of your condition. We will then develop a specific plan of management tailored to your case.