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Most patients will start to see improvement within four to six treatments. You may experience one of three things after your first adjustment.

1) You may feel better! Great, your response to care will be determined by many different factors. How severe is the cause, how long has it been there, age, smoking, obesity, stress and occupation are just a few factors that can determine how quickly you respond to chiropractic care. Hopefully you will respond quickly and make lifestyle and wellness changes to prevent future problems. If you don't feel better after your first treatment, please do not be concerned. It takes time for your body to heal. Be patient and follow our recommendations.

2) You may feel the same. No problem, healing takes time. The majority of our patients feel the same after their first treatment. Even though your symptoms may have just started, the cause may have been there for years. An example that might help you understand that concept can be found when you analyze someone that has a heart attack. A patient can feel perfectly fine then all of a sudden get a severe heart attack. The cause of that attack started years ago with a gradual clogging of the arteries. Once the body couldn't compensate any longer, the heart attack occurred seemingly in an instant. Your musculoskeletal system reacts in much the same way. Your body may compensate for decades, and then one day you reach or bend and feel immediate pain. The cause didn't just start when the symptoms started. Be patient with your body as well as the care we are providing.

3) You may feel worse - Don't panic Since we are making changes to your structure, causing muscle and joints to move again, you may initially feel some additional symptoms. Please understand that this is temporary and will go away quickly. It is a sign that your body is adjusting to the changes that are being made. It is important that you let the doctor know about these symptoms. If you are concerned and want to speak to the doctor before your next appointment, please call. We have someone on call 24/7.