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We value our patients' experience at Greater Rochester Chiropractic. Hearing the history of our existing patients can be beneficial to those who are considering Chiropractic care for the first time. Here are some testimonials from our patients.

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In my opinion Dr. Lange is a fantastic doctor. He cured me of my hip problem and really cared and solved a problem that other doctors couldn't cure. He was also great in referring me to other doctors when he couldn't help me with my lower legs. He even made the appointments! The man is unbelievable in my eyes. I am very, very impressed with him as a doctor.

I just want to say that from my very first visit, I have felt like I was being well cared for. I like the way you and your staff care for people. I woke up this morning feeling the best I have felt all month. My pain has gone from an 8 to a level 2. I feel like I'm on my way to a healthier spine and eventually a healthier me!

I was referred to Dr. Swinton by my massage therapist after suffering with neck and lower back pain for years. I tried physical therapy, medications, aquatherapy and 3 lower back injections with no long term relief. Dr. Swinton listened to my complaints and treated me like a person when other doctors did not. I felt at ease immediately and after the second treatment I started to get relief. I was told I couldn't conceive due to my injuries but my husband and I are now expecting our first child. We couldn't be happier with Dr. Swinton's care. The staff at GRC has been amazing and supportive also.
A.V. - Psychiatric Tech

I have suffered with Snapping Scapula Syndrome and shoulder and neck pain impingement for over 5 years. I worked with multiple doctors and PTs with only limited success. I started treatment with Dr. Swinton and felt immediate relief. After a few months of treatment, I now have consistent relief and feel better than I have in the last 5 years. Dr. Swinton is fanastic!  S.M - CFO

I was referred to Dr. Swinton by my daughter. I had suffered with sciatic nerve pain and knee pain for many months. I went to a spine specialist, physical therapy, had surgery and medication without any relief. Dr. Swinton was very thorough, and within 2 weeks I was getting relief! He spoke with my orthopedist as well as my spine specialist to determine the best treatment for my conditions.The entire staff at GRC has been cheerful and supportive. They obviously make the well-being of their patients a priority. T.W. - Retired

I was referred to GRC by Jennifer Gargano, M.D. Dr. Gargano does spinal injection therapy. I had low back pain for 7 months before coming to see Dr. Swinton. I had previously tried physical therapy, medication and spinal injections with little help. It only took a month for me to start getting relief from my care with Dr. Swinton. The staff is friendly and the office is professional and clean.  I was able to dance at my daughter's recent wedding because the the relief I received from GRC. M.S. - Retired

I was referred to GRC by a friend and have been treated for 3 weeks by Dr. Karen Santini.  I have tried physical therapy, injections and orthotics. I felt immediate relief with Dr. Santini's treatments and I highly recommend her to others. I am a training for a 10K race. Dr. Karen explained the course of treatment and made me feel comfortable.  Making my first appointment was fast and easy. I look forward to working with Dr. Karen as I embark on my runner career. A.B - Librarian

I have been plagued with plantar fasciitis in my left foot for over a year. I was being treated 2 to 3 times a week by a physical therapist and once a week I received acupuncture. The pain persisted.  Upon my daughter's recommendation, I began chiropractic therapy, even though my physical therapist told me it would be throwing my money away. Dr. Josh Keeler has been treating me for the past 4 months. Everything he has done for my plantar fasciitis has been explained to me, in detail, prior to the treatment;  I have yet to feel rushed or as just another patient during my visits; and his concern for my comfort and wellbeing is obvious. I had been seeing Dr. Keeler once a week. I have steadily improved and am now almost pain free. At my last appointment, expecting to make another appointment for the next week, Dr. Keeler suggested that I make an appointment in 3-4 weeks, but if I felt discomfort, please call and arrange an earlier visit. He made me feel like he was only interested in what was best for me and not in weekly payments. I can now go for walks with my husband. I can walk the mall with my friends. I can play at the playground with my grandchildren. All this newfound freedom I owe to Dr. Josh Keeler. I highly recommend him. If, in the future, I need any type of chiropractic care, rest assured, my first call will be to schedule an appointment with Dr. Josh Keeler. J.M. - Retired Teacher

I found GRC on the internet. I have suffered from mid-back pain for 2 years and lower back pain for 2 days before coming to GRC. The only previous care was from my PCP who ordered x-rays of my thoracic(mid-back) spine. I felt immediate relief after my first visit with Dr. Santini. The Great Santini is a magician! Thank you so very much. S.S. - Central Office Tech

My cousin referred me to GRC 5 years ago. I have been treated by chiropractors for over 25 years for neck and back pain, sciatica and pinched nerves. I received immediate relief at GRC. The care is excellent, the staff is friendly and they make it easy to get an appointment. I drive over 40 minutes to get to GRC and I trust all the doctors in this office. M.E. - Artist

I have been being treated by Dr. Josh Keeler for several months now for hip flexor and back pain. When other issues have come up, he has looked at those too. I can say with great certainty that he is the most knowledgeable, hands on doctor in this specialty I have ever been to for treatment. He assesses and treats very skillfully and compassionately. My understanding of how I can keep myself pain free has grown tremendously in the time I have been seeing Dr. Keeler. He truly takes time to teach me what I need to know and not only treats current issues, but arms me with the tools to help me prevent future ones. Dr. Keeler embodies all the characteristics of a doctor who genuinely cares about each patient and lets you know that each and every time you see him. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking the highest quality chiropractic care. M.D.

I had been suffering from neck pain for 2 years before coming to see Dr. Santini. Migraine medication was prescribed and my PCP did an MRI. It only took one week treatment from Dr. Santini before I started to get relief. It has made a huge difference in my life. "Karen is the best"! CB - Desk worker

I have suffered with scoliosis for 10 years prior to starting care at GRC three months ago. It only took 3 weeks for me to feel significant improvement in my symptoms. The staff is very skilled and knowledgeable. K.G. - Stay at home mom

I have chronic back pain due to a fall many years ago. I waited about 1 year before seeking chiropractic care at GRC. Since I waited so long, it took about 6 months before my condition stabilized. The staff and doctors are committed to helping you acheive your goals. I see Dr. Jay, and his professionalism and caring is remarkable. He listens and does all he can to resolve my problems. I am very pleased with the results I am receiving. F.D. - Medical Secretary

A friend referred me to GRC about 10 years ago. I had suffered with lower back and neck pain for many years. I felt immediate relief from my symptoms and the staff is friendly and very competent. I compete in rowing at the masters level and the care at GRC keeps me in my boat. Other than having Yankee fans working at the office, I am very pleased with their care. LOL J.R. - Air Traffic Controller and Red Sox Fan

I was referred to GRC two years ago and have suffered with low back pain for 10+ years. In the past I have been to other chiropractors and used muscle relaxants. I am a working mother who plays softball, volleyball and golf. Everyone is friendly and all the doctors are amazing at GRC. I can not say enough great things about Dr. Jay. He listens carefully to what you say, is thoughtful and clearly explains the treatments so that you understand the next steps. He makes it possible for me to enjoy my family, job and sports! S.P. - Director of Operations

My primary care doctor referred me to GRC 12 years ago. I suffered a severe lower back injury while working at my job that has left me with a permanent disability. I started care immediately after my accident and I still get treated to keep my symptoms under control. The staff is friendly and they make you feel like family. Dr. Swinton is excellent, caring and very enthusiastic about my care. J.D. - Retired 

A work associate referred me to GRC 7 years ago. I had suffered with chronic lower back and hip pain for 20+ years before seeking chiropractic care. It only took a few weeks for me to see significant changes in my symptoms. I still see Dr. Jay for preventative adjustments as well as periodic flare-ups due to golfing and bowling. I would highly recommend chiropractic care. It has greatly helped me and I know it can help others who are suffering. J.D. - Finance

My medical doctor referred me to Dr. Lange about 2 weeks ago for lower back pain that I have had for over 2 months. Medication was not helping and it only took 2 treatments with Dr. Lange before I started to feel better. The office staff is has been very friendly and helpful. S.W. - School Administrator

I started treatment with Dr. Santini 4 weeks ago for neck pain that I have had for 10 years. I found GRC after doing an internet search and driving by the office. I started feeling relief after my first visit!!! I would highly recommend chiropractic care to others and have already referred patients to GRC. Karen has changed my life! I am so happy with the fast results. She's very dedicated and I really appreciate the time she takes to explain everything. S.B. - Stay at home mom

I was referred to GRC by my primary care physician for neck and back pain that I had for 2 years. Medications only gave me temporary relief. After 2 treatments with Dr. Santini I started to feel relief! I would highly recommend GRC to others. I have found that the trigger point therapy greatly helps me. K.H. - Pastoral Care

I have been coming to GRC for the last 2 months after being referred by a colleague. I have suffered from lower back pain for approximately 3 years.  Prior to getting treated by Dr. Santini I would use medications to relieve my pain. I noticed immediate relief after my first adjustment. The care has been extremely effective and Dr. Santini is very skillful and friendly. This is a very nice clinic with a friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Santini also brings a good spirit to her care. I will definitely continue care for long-term prevention. L.W. - Professor

In the past I have read many reviews and have learned that they don't mean anything unless you know a little about that person. I have been fortunate to work with some of the most talented people in the machine build industry. These people really know mechanics as a whole and I have learned a lot from them. With that said, Dr. Keeler's understanding of body mechanics is far superior to other Chiropractors. I have been to a number of other Chiropractors and I can say that Dr. Keeler at Greater Rochester Chiropractic is a young man who has already surpassed 90% of all his peers in the Rochester area. In my opinion Dr. Keeler will surpass the other 10% within the next 5 years as he matures to become the best Chiropractor in the Rochester area. Dr. Keeler is a person with a great bedside manner, one who will go far beyond the call of duty and one truly wants the very best for all his patients. I would recommend Dr. Keeler to all my family and friends because, he really is a natural born healer. D.C.- Electrical Engineer