Greater Rochester Chiropractic Blog Post Is that Dr. Lange or Michael Phelps?

Is that Dr. Lange or Michael Phelps?

Is that Dr. Lange or Michael Phelps? What are those purple dots?

Greater Rochester Chiropractic's own Leslie Lange, DC and Christine DeLozier, LAc star in this TWC News segment about the healing benefits of “cupping”. Since Michael Phelps was seen at the Olympics with large purple spots on his shoulders and back, many have wondered what caused them. The mystery has been solved! They are a common side effect of cupping, as discussed in the video (see link below).


Like Michael Phelps, Dr. Lange is a long-time swimming enthusiast, and has also benefited greatly from cupping treatment. Only one of the two has 23 gold medals. Dr. Lange, however has been a Masters swimmer for 35 years, and the treatment has helped him to continue to participate in swimming at a competitive level.

Not many can be as talented as Phelps, but many can benefit from treatments such as cupping, acupuncture, massage therapy, and of course, chiropractic. Such treatments allow patients to achieve and maintain decreased pain levels, better health and improved functioning.

Click the link below to see the segment, which includes Dr. Lange receiving a cupping treatment.


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