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  • Building Your Immune System, Naturally.
    During this crazy time that we are all living through, staying healthy has never been more important. Your immune system, although virtually invisible to the naked eye, is crucial for Read more
  • Chiropractic in the NFL
    ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?! For many New Englanders and the combined fan bases in St. Louis and Los Angeles, this upcoming Sunday marks the culmination of an exhausting and Read more
  • Seven Signs That Your Posture Needs a Makeover
    Seven Signs That Your Posture Needs a MakeoverBy Carol BucciThe quality of your posture can make a big difference in your life. It is the first thing I start correcting Read more
  • Taking Care of Your Spine Series: Text Neck
    Taking Care of Your Spine Series: “Text Neck”By Megan A. Tuzzo, DCThese days, it’s hard to look around without seeing someone else looking down at their phone. Or maybe you’re Read more
  • Taking Care of Your Spine Series: At Work
    Taking Care of Your Spine: At WorkBy Megan A. Tuzzo, DC We spend a large portion of our lives at work. Whether your job requires sitting, standing, or moving around, it’s Read more
  • Taking Care of Your Spine Series: Sleep
    Taking Care of Your Spine While Sleepingby Megan A. Tuzzo, DC A commonly overlooked aspect of spinal health involves your sleeping position, and it can be argued that taking care Read more
  • Is that Dr. Lange or Michael Phelps?
    Is that Dr. Lange or Michael Phelps? What are those purple dots?Greater Rochester Chiropractic's own Leslie Lange, DC and Christine DeLozier, LAc star in this TWC News segment about the Read more
  • Death by Sugar
    Researchers have established that excess intake of sugar-sweetened soft drinks, fruit juices and other sweetened beverages are associated with higher BMI and diabetes risk. Higher BMI and diabetes are risk Read more
  • Spring Back Pain
    Treat Spring yard work like an athletic event. Stretch before and after spending time in the yard, bend with your legs - no stooping over, drink plenty of fluids and Read more
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate !!!
    With this extremely high humidity it is essential for you to keep hydrated. Drink plenty of clear liquids that you can see through. If you can't clearly see through it Read more
  • Never sleep on your stomach!!!
    Sleeping on your stomach puts tremendous stress on your lower back as well as your neck. Lying on your stomach increases the curvature in your lower back and as you Read more
    Everyone should sleep on a neck(cervical pillow). These pillows support the natural C-shaped curvature in the neck. If you don't use a neck pillow, you are putting a lot of Read more
  • New Stress Workshop at GRC
    If you lack energy, have general aches and pains, digestive problems, don't feel rested or just don't feel healthy, you need to come to one of our stress workshops. We Read more
  • Springtime Spine Tips
    Spring has finally sprung!! After a long cold winter we all want to get out in the yard and get things planted and weeded. Here are some tips to help Read more
  • Dr. Lange First Ever!
    Congratulations to Dr. Lange for becoming the first ever Chiropractor elected to the Board of Directors of the Rochester Academy of Medicine.We know you will be a great asset to Read more


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