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Springtime Spine Tips

Spring has finally sprung!! After a long cold winter we all want to get out in the yard and get things planted and weeded. Here are some tips to help you prevent injuries:

1) Work for short amounts of time. Don't work for more than 2 hours without a break. You have not used those muscles and joints since last summer.

2) Don't stoop over to pick things up. Bend at your knees and keep your back as straight as possible.

3) When planting or weeding it is best to sit or kneel. If you stoop over, you increase your risk of injury.

4) Stretch - Consider working in the yard as an athletic event. It's more physical compared to most leisure time sports. Stretching after is just as important as stretching before physical exertion.

5) Hydrate - Drink plenty of water. When working hard and perspiring, you must replenish your fluids. Sport drinks are good for replenishing electrolytes. If you are diabetic, you can not drink them because of the sugar content.

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