Spine Care Tips For A Healthy Spine

Tips for a Healthy Spine

1) Sleeping - Never on your belly! Side-lying and lying on your back are best. Pillow needs will vary patient by patient, depending on the patient's issues and preferred position.

2) Pillows - Cervical (contour) pillows are the best to support your neck properly, especially if you prefer sleeping on your back.

3) Mattresses - Firm mattresses are better than soft. Infinitely adjustable air mattresses are a good option for most people.

4) Sitting - Avoid sitting for more than 45 minutes. Get up frequently. Sit with your legs underneath your chair and not with your legs crossed. Ensure your low back is supported.

5) Computers - Your screen should be eye level. If it's too low, you will hunch over too much

6) Lifting - Lift with your back straight and bend your knees. Keep the object close to your body.

7) Wallets - You should not sit with a wallet in your back pocket. It can cause pelvic misalignment as well as pressure on the sciatic nerve.

8) Purses/Handbags - Avoid carrying them on one shoulder. Slinging them with the strap on the opposite should can help. The best is to go light and carry them in your hand alternating sides often.

9) Footwear - Purchase good supportive footwear with adequate arch support that fits properly.

10)Orthotics- Many people have faulty foot posture that will eventually cause back problems.  If you have fallen arches you should consider getting orthotics.  Ask one of the GRC doctors.


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